Why Website Design Matters

Why Website Design Matters

Nearly every business in the current market has a website. However, a large number of these websites are designed poorly or come straight from a website template site. These sites don’t stand out or help you get ahead. Today, good website design is a must in the highly visual marketplace. The way your site looks, tells users whether they want to interact or do business with you within a fraction of a second. One glance can either make someone your customer or your competitor’s.

First Impressions Matter
Your site design and placement of elements on your website can take hours, weeks or even months, but whether the site is effective is decided in an instant. That first interaction with a new user determines if they continue to interact with your site.

By creating a site that is visually appealing will help that first glance last longer and retain users.

Your sites visual aspects are the thing that grabs the most attention. Some elements such as high-quality and visually strong images, illustrations, or something unique on the screen is what your users with resonate with and find memorable.

You are the image you portray
Think about popular brands and websites you know of. Do you know what the brand is about based on the website and images associated? Every website is about the image it portrays. Presenting strong visuals, clean, organised designs give a website legitimacy. All of these aspects help build the reputation and legitimacy of your website, proving to establish trust in your brand.

Users associate the experience he or she has your site with the likely experience they will have with you in person.

An unorganised design or jumbled look portray to visitors that you don’t care about or believe in what your business does, causing a user to stop and think before committing to an interaction with your business or even worse, make them shy away completely.

Online users will make a million and one assumptions about your company solely on your website’s design, so it’s your responsibility to ensure that your site sends out the right message about your business.

If you are unsure about how to go about proceeding with a website design, the best thing you can do is hire a website designer. Here at WebAdelaide, we work with you to develop a good understanding about your business and what it is you would like your website to say about you. Having an up to date, modern and fresh website has also proven to increase the credibility in your business market and can be the difference between you and your competitors.

Tell your users what is important.

Any website developer will tell you that a good design starts with hierarchy. Defined hierarchy is important because it prioritizes information for the busy user. If someone has a limited amount of time to spend on your site, you should visually define what’s important that they see so your businesses message can be communicated upon first glance.

An idea here is to group each new thought with structure.

The most important element you wish to showcase on your site: You can do this by using a strong image along with simple block typography to gain the user’s attention. Be sure to make this visual point stand out more than anything else.

Supporting detail of most important element: What is it you want your user to fully understand about your main element? Here you can construct a feature that is subtler than your main element using things such as secondary text lines or navigation. These elements should have simple designs that are not meant to compete with the main design feature.

Call to Action: Every website should have a user goal in mind, otherwise what’s the point? Make your point obvious. Have fun with this aspect, use colour or a fun element to make it exciting for the user.

User Experience
Any web developer will tell you that a website with a high user experience will do wonders for your rankings because more users are inclined to not only stay on your site longer, but keep returning to your site in the future. A positive user experience also increases your chance of generating leads and making sales.

Branding, Branding, Branding

Your website is your business’ public branding portal. Anyone can learn about your business in a simple online search.

Your website’s image creates an image of who you are and what you want your local and international community to know about your product or service. On your website, you are the one who controls this message.

An effective website conveys this information in an obvious way and is also how you brand your story. Images and text should come together in a way that reflects the mood and company tone.

Load Speed
Having a modern website increases the speed of your site. By having a quick and responsive site increases the chances of a user staying longer and buying your product and or services. A website developer can assist you with the creation of a site   with a quick load speed.

10 Elements of good Web Design

We know what makes a fantastic website that keeps users engaged and coming back. Starting with the basics of design, adding modern technology, and is a site that is highly usable and functional. Here are our top 10 elements to consider when planning your new website:

• Logo and Branding
• Simple text that is easy to read
• Defined colour palette/theme
• Interactive tools and features that work well in intuitive ways
• Navigation
• Strong images that accurately showcase your brand
• Concise and targeted copy
• Call to action that is easy to understand
• Brand story connectivity with users
• Modern web design techniques and interface

Everyone has their idea about what makes a website good. By using basic design elements and thinking about the usability of the website, you can create a site that looks fantastic and works well for users.

If you’re looking for help or advice with the planning of your business website, give the team at WebAdelaide a call today. With years of experience in web design, you can rest assured that your website is going to be one that stands out amongst the rest.

Written by Molly Frederick, contributor for WebAdelaide.


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