7 Checks to Make When Hiring an Adelaide Website Designer

7 Checks to Make When Hiring an Adelaide Website Designer

In the world today, it’s not hard to build a website. There are so many website designing platforms out there, available to everyone, even if you’re a total technology newbie. However, there are several downsides to using this approach. First of all, you run the risk of your site looking generic as it relies on a template. Secondly, you’ll have less control over the function and form of your eventual site, meaning you lose the chance to be genuinely creative in the way you present your business.

Consequently, it is often better for businesses to work with a professional web developer. And unless you’re an experienced web designer yourself, it can be difficult to know how to hire the right web developer for you. And as with the majority of pursuits in life, one of the quickest and easiest ways to get up to speed is to have a chat with someone who’s done it successfully – multiple times. The team at WebAdelaide have extensive experience in Adelaide web designing, and can offer you some words of wisdom.

That’s why we’ve listed seven checks that you can make to help you make the informed choice.

Area of expertise

When first looking for a web developer you’ll want to understand their specific area of expertise. Many agencies prefer to go with a ‘general’ model, which enables them to design websites for as many clients as possible, while others prefer to narrow their realm of expertise. As an example, some agencies may focus solely on creating sites for hospitality businesses, while others may hold a focus exclusively to one website style, or may have internal templates they use to produce sites more efficiently.

Generally speaking, the majority of websites and portfolios will tell you upfront, what their expertise is, so it shouldn’t take much research to figure out where they stand.

Who will own the website after completion?
This may seem like a question with an obvious answer but think again. Some web agencies can have a way of getting clients to surrender ownership of any original graphics or content created for their website project. Preventing you from being able to take your website to another designer for updates or changes. So be sure to ask, and double check your project contract to ensure you own full rights to content and graphics created for your company.

Will I Be Able to Make Edits After the Website Is Completed?
After your site is completed, you won’t want to have to call your web designer every time you need to add a picture to the site, and you shouldn’t have to. Be sure to choose a web designer that offers a user-friendly content management system, that allows you to make changes where needed. You can even ask them for some tips on how to insert things into your site once it is completed.

Do They Offer Mobile Friendly Solutions?
In the current market mobile users are growing by the hour, and so it’s no wonder that 50 percent of device traffic is made up of mobile users.

Without a mobile-friendly site for your business, you stand to lose up to half of your potential market. In short, your company is only earning 50 percent of its earning capacity. So it is essential that your developer offers mobile-friendly solutions. An Adelaide web designer that is current should be aware of the current design trends and know-how and can provide you with a range of design features and functionality when building a responsive mobile site.

Do They Provide Content Services?
Content is a significant aspect of increasing your website SEO, so it is a great idea to ask if your chosen developer offers content services.

A good website designer will offer you content services because they understand the value of compelling, fresh content to engage site users and improve search engine rankings.

Google loves content. Filling your site up with original content can become your secret weapon to making it easier for people to locate your site through a google search.

So if you require web page updates, email newsletter material or blog posts, it’s often more efficient to get a web designer to assist you with this.

Past Work
There is no better way to gauge the quality of a designer’s skill set than looking at their prior website designs. Majority of professionals will showcase their best work on their website, but if it’s not there, make sure to ask for some past examples and references.

Also, check to see if the developers have ever won any awards for their work. This is usually a fantastic way to gauge a company’s performance.

Lastly, remember that you’re going to be working with the person creating your website so you’ll want to be sure that you have a strong rapport with them. We suggest meeting with them in person. This will give you an idea of how responsive and easy to communicate with. These aspects all influence how effectively they’ll be able to build your website.

If you’re in the market to create a website for your business and want a highly professional job, why not give the team at WebAdelaide a call today. Our highly experienced Adelaide website designers   promise to work with you to design and create a site that is professional, functional and represents your business positively.

Written by Molly Frederick, contributor for Web Adelaide.


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