Why Website Design Is Important For Business

Why Website Design Is Important For Business

Websites often act as a first point of call for potential customers and clients. They want to find out who you are, what you offer and why you might be a good option.
However, it usually only takes around 4-6 seconds for a user to establish whether or not they are going to keep browsing! This means that the design is crucial to engage them from the start.
As per WebAdelaide’s  business philosophy, we are dedicated to the design of high-quality products. When it comes to websites, this is why their design is so important:

Functionality & Usability

well designed website  is easy to navigate.
If a prospective client visits to your website and has a difficult time finding what they want, they leave. If the homepage doesn’t explain who you are or what you do, they leave. If the text is difficult to read, they leave.
The purpose of your website should be clear, and the content should be uncluttered. If it’s confusing for them, there is nothing stopping them from clicking ‘back’ and jumping straight on to a competitors website.


Imagine meeting the representative of a prospective business whose services you are looking to acquire. What if that person is messy, dressed poorly and doesn’t give much indication that they will be able to meet your needs? It wouldn’t exactly fill you with much confidence.

In the digital world, your website often acts as the first impression of your brand. Your website could appear as that equivalent of that messy representative that projects unprofessionalism. From here, it is unlikely that your potential customers will see you as trustworthy. Why would they then use your services?

Search Engine Optimisation

After scanning your website, search engines  like Google use algorithms to assess the content and code of your website that affects where it appears in search lists.
If the website is poorly designed and lacking vital information, tags, or key words, search engines  will have no issue in putting you on page two or beyond. Ask yourself this: who goes there?


From a business perspective, it is important to continue striving for a competitive edge over your competitors. Quite simply, if you don’t have a website and your competitors do, they have the edge in online brand awareness.
A website, even in its simplest form, provides you with an opportunity to create awareness of your business to prospective clients or reinforce your brand with existing users.

Call to Action

If you have succeeded in creating a website that considers the above attributes, there is a great opportunity to incorporate functions that are beneficial to the financial goals of the business.
‘Buy Tickets’, ‘Book Now’, ‘Shop Online’, ‘Contact Us’. These are all options that your website can incorporate to help the organisation meet its prime purpose, and that is to increase customers using your product or service. Providing them with the ability to do is imperative.


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We advise that you check with appropriate professional services providers to confirm you are applicable in qualifying for this proposed Government incentive program.

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