Is WordPress My Best Option When Building a Website?

Is WordPress My Best Option When Building a Website?

Make The Most Out Of Your Web Development

When you’re looking to build yourself a new website, it can be an overwhelming experience. With so many options out there, how do you know which is the best fit for your business needs?

With WordPress comprising of 4.5% of the entire internet, so many feel like this is the best and only option for their website. However, you need to look at your options carefully in order to find the perfect fit for your business.

Creating the perfect online space around your business is no easy task. You need to ensure that you have the necessary tools to establish a basic framework and a point of reference, while also staying true to your brand’s identity.

At Web Adelaide, our developers have created their own custom CMS (Content Management System). With this and our years of expertise, we are able to create your business a website that is not only entirely customised to suit your business needs but reflects your brand in a way that not only proves to look good but will also set you up for growth and improvement.

To help you make the right website design choice for your business, we’ve listed a few benefits of getting a custom CMS creating, rather than just settling for a WordPress template.

WordPress in A Nutshell

WordPress allows you to create powerful and visually pleasing websites without the need for understanding excessive amounts of coding. Once you’ve got a bit of an understanding, you can create your website from top to bottom in a weekend, so if you’re in need of a website quickly, it’s a good option.

However, WordPress only works best for certain types of sites such as portfolios, blogs and brochure sites. Sure, with the right plugins you can expand further and develop e-commerce sites, social networks and other custom sites but you will require more in-depth knowledge to do so and for the average business owner, doubling as a web developer is often the last thing on their to-do list.

Custom CMS

With Web Adelaide’s Custom CMS, our web developers will be able to work with you to create a web design that is true to your brand and what you’re looking to reflect, while also creating a platform that is not as code heavy as WordPress templates. Meaning that we can create you a website that will also be better regarding SEO (search engine optimisation) purposes, allowing you rank better which will result in more lead generation.

Advantages of a Custom CMS

  • Customisation: With CMS if you’ve got an idea, we can make it a reality. Working with our web development team, we can create your business a functional website with any additional tools you can think of!
  • Flexibility: By hiring one of our professional web developers you will be able to create anything you need. When it comes to WordPress, there is a template on both the front and back ends that needs to be worked within. However, CMS has no boundaries and tends to be significantly lighter on code.
  • Speed: Because your CMS website is customised to do exactly what you need it to, there is nothing unnecessarily dragging it down. Therefore, increasing site speed.
  • Support: With all of our projects we offer our clients comprehensive support should anything go wrong. Generally, you can expect any issues to be resolved within a few hours.

Is WordPress the Best Option for Your Website?

In short, no, however, this is entirely dependent on your own needs. If you’re looking to start up your own blog as a hobby, it’s probably not worth the time and money spent on a professional web developer. WordPress is a fantastic, free choice that is used so widely all over the world, but if you’re looking to create a site that is more than just a blog, and tool to update pages you’ll need significant knowledge, as well as a number of custom plugins in order for the site to run well for particular purposes.

However, if you’re looking to create a website to represent your business and boost your rankings a custom CMS is your best bet. A professional developer will be able to craft you a website that is tailored exactly to your business, while also creating a lightly coded site that is perfect for other aspects of digital marketing such as SEO.

Need a Custom CMS? Call Web Adelaide Today!

If you’re looking to expand or create your business’s website, but are wanting to make the most out of your web development, look no further than the Web Adelaide team. Made up of a team of professional marketing consultants and web developers, Web Adelaide can help you create the website you’ve always wanted! Call today!


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