Six key trends that should steer your digital marketing efforts in 2018

Six key trends that should steer your digital marketing efforts in 2018

Six Key Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

2017 was a transformative year in digital. We saw Google announce the shift to mobile-first, and mobile-optimised content will now be favoured by Google’s ranking algorithm. Digital is dominating the marketing landscape more than ever before and this domination will likely continue and expand.
More Adelaide businesses are investing in digital marketing because much of our population is online, and because of the unique way it permits accurate ROI measurement, and provides insights into customer behaviour and preferences. If you do not yet have a digital marketing strategy in place, you shouldn’t sleep on it for another night, Web Adelaide can begin boosting your business’ digital capital today.

Executing a flawless digital marketing strategy can prove challenging for even the most tech-savvy of Adelaide business owners, requiring a streamlined, consistent and client-centered approach to all facets of digital—email marketing, organic SEO, paid search and social advertising and content marketing.

Web Adelaide have extensive experience creating multifaceted and effective digital marketing methods that are customised to each client’s target market, and delivering tangible and trackable results. Here, we discuss the digital marketing tools that are worthy of your focus this year, and well into the future.

Content differentiation

Web and social media content has reached saturation point. Consumer attention spans on the net are now shorter than ever, as people have learned to filter out what doesn’t resonate, in a very short space of time. Digital marketers have understood the value of rich content for some time, but the issue we have now, is that every other business is flooding the internet with material and competing for valuable digital real estate.

Quality, customer-centric content is required to differentiate a business from its competitors. Businesses need to foster conversations with their customers and post content to their web and social platforms that customers really want to see. But, learning customer preferences via analytics tools and social conversations is only one step of the process—it is essential for businesses to capitalise on the clout of digital influencers.

Influencer outreach

For every dollar a business earns from paid media, influencer marketing nets $6.85. Research has indicated that brand advocates can be willing to recommend products or services they favor, up to six times a year. From 2018, we will see much greater investment in influencer alliances, as businesses strive to reach their target publics with organic, reputable content.

Web Adelaide can enhance the aesthetic of your webpage and develop sophisticated content that will lift your digital brand to a calibre that key influencers will be proud to align themselves with.

The rise and rise of Big Data

Gaining valuable insights into consumer demographics and behaviour, by way of data mining agencies, has long been the domain of major corporate players, with their lavish digital research and marketing budgets.

The greater market segmentation and customer responsiveness that this will permit, will be hugely profitable for businesses. A skilled digital marketing agency, like Web Adelaide, can help you to tap into, and understand, customer data and use it to inform an effective digital marketing strategy.

Exploiting micro-moments

Google coined the term micro-moments to describe the innumerable instances where consumers use their mobile devices on the go, whether they want to find the nearest tapas restaurant, look for directions, learn an unfamiliar word or choose which brand of speakers to buy. In 2018, we turn predominantly to our mobiles to answer our questions and help us to make decisions, particularly purchasing decisions, hence Google’s strong emphasis on the mobile search experience.

From here on in, businesses that throw themselves into developing an optimum mobile experience for their customers, and take advantage of the opportunity created by micro-moments, can realise their fullest potential in the digital world.

This approach requires deeper delving into customer demographics, a location-specific marketing approach and an enhanced understanding of mobile-friendly content. The team at Web Adelaide are well-versed in mobile strategy, and our digital marketing wizards can develop an impactful mobile approach that gets your business into Google’s good books.

Audio experiences

Smart speakers are taking over the world, with sales more than tripling in 2017. These devices are becoming ingrained within our daily lives and require no visual or manual interaction. As the sales of these speakers continue to explode, 2018 will see a trend towards the audible interface, and digital marketers will need to create inspired approaches to audio-only marketing communications.

Native ad explosion

A 2016 Sensis Social Media report conveyed that fifty-two percent of respondents took no notice of ads on social media. Similarly, savvy search engine users are beginning to scroll past AdWords-driven results on search pages. These issues highlight the importance of reaching publics organically.

Native advertising has exploded as a means of a reaching consumers with content that is fully integrated into the format of web and social platforms; it is predicted that native advertising will net around seventy-five percent of all ad revenue by 2021.

As this method of digital marketing becomes more visible and obvious, it will be important that marketing material is user-customised and enjoyable, making full use of the marketing insights provided by cookies and analytics software. Web Adelaide can develop an informed native advertising approach for your business that takes advantage of the insights available regarding your ideal customer.

2018 marks the continuation of a digital marketing revolution. We will see greater advancements in digital technology, which will create unique marketing opportunities and require an advanced understanding of the digital landscape. The experienced team at Web Adelaide possess this knowledge and we can expand your business’ digital real estate, creating a lasting, profitable impact well into the future.

With our digital marketing experts on your team, 2018 can be the year that your business grows beyond your greatest expectations. Get in touch with our friendly team today.


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