10 Reasons You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018

10 Reasons You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018

Why You Need Digital Marketing in Your Business

It’s the question, so many businesses have: ‘Where do I start if I want to develop a digital marketing strategy?’ It’s a common challenge that many businesses understand, the value in digital channels today is in acquiring and retaining customers. However, many do not have the integrated plan to grow and engage their audiences effectively, and thus they suffer. Here at Web Adelaide, we understand just how the market works and what to do and what no to do when it comes to implementing a successful digital strategy. Below we have listed ten reasons why your business needs a digital marketing strategy today!

1. You’re Lacking Direction

Many businesses don’t identify their strategic goals clearly, and therefore lack a clearly defined digital strategy. Therefore, finding it difficult to identify just what is they are hoping to achieve online.

Without outlining your goals, how are you meant to know which direction you are going? In turn, you have no idea where to allocate resources and are unable to evaluate and measure your level of success.

2. Are You Aware of Your Online Market Share?

Do you know just how many of your sales are generated via online digital channels? This is something that is well worth the research moving forward. These statistics will enable you to easily estimate your customer demand.

The implementation of a digital strategy will enable you to gain a better understanding of your businesses place in the online marketplace as well as the dynamics of working with digital channels. You’ll have insights to your customer’s online profiles and their behaviours as well as an open look into your competitor’s actions within the overall market.

3. Competitors can obtain your share in the market

The world of digital marketing is a fast paced race. If you and your business is not focusing on digital marketing with allocated resources and clear goals, you are just letting your competitors dominate the online space.

4. You Are Lacking the Unique Value Proposition to make You Stand Out

What is your unique Value Proposition online? What is it that makes your business stand out and differentiates you from your other online competitors? What you need to do is determine what it is that is encouraging your existing customers to engage with your brand and remain customers.

5. You aren’t aware of your audience

It is vital to understand where your audience is coming from on your digital channels and who they are. Digital platforms are considered to be one of the most measurable mediums out there. Make use of the feedback and analytics on all of your platforms to see who your primary audience is, these are the people you should be targeting you content towards.

6. Are you Integrated?

A common thing we see with businesses is that digital marketing activities are commonly actioned in different areas. For example, you may have one team member doing various digital marketing activities, an IT professional may be helping out with other areas.

Keep in mind that your digital media workings should be integrated across various channels as well as the people involved. Another reason why a digital media strategy is a necessity as it unifies everything.

7. Your Digital spend is under budgeted and understaffed

Not having the adequate resources, including staff and budget spend can prove to be detrimental to your business’s digital marketing initiatives.

In order to plan and execute any sort of digital marketing, you need to have adequate staff and digital budget as specific skills are required when dealing with strong online competitors.

8. Don’t duplicate. You’re only wasting money!

Even businesses with the adequate resources you can be wasteful. Duplication is a common occurrence where various parts within your marketing department may be purchasing different digital tools, or using other agencies for tasks that may be similar to one another.

By implementing a successful digital marketing strategy, you will ensure that everyone has a defined role and pulling in the same direction.

9. You’re Not Really That Agile

Google and Amazon have one thing in common: they’re both dynamic and agile in their approach to digital marketing. They continuously test new ways to drive customer engagement and gain the interest of people on their platforms.

10. Optimise Like You Mean It

Your company website may have analytics, but are you using it to review and act upon the insights and data gained? With a digital strategy in place, you will be able to make the most of regular data reviews.

You and your team will be able to continuously improve and further optimise key elements of your business’ digital media approach. In no time you’ll be optimising your company website for Google and other search engines, implementing your paid campaigns and improving your overall user experience leading you to a loyal and popular customer base.

There you have it, some of the reasons why a digital marketing strategy will benefit your business growth. If you are a little confused about where to start, we can help!

Web Adelaide has a team of marketing professionals that can help you devise and implement a strong digital marketing strategy that will see your business on its way to online success! Call the team at Web Adelaide today to organise a meeting!


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