The Elements Of Smart Website Design

The Elements Of Smart Website Design

Designing a website that covers all bases is not as simple as it sounds. There are web designers out there who handle the development of your online presence but only focus on the look of your site, therefore providing you with what is essentially a digitised flyer for your business. There are different components that make the website design process a smart one, and by choosing a web designer who utilises all of these aspects, you get the best possible value for your money. The following are the four elements that comprise what we at WebAdelaide consider to be smart web design in Adelaide.


One of the most important, and often neglected, aspects of smart website design is the overall functionality of the site. This involves how much the website can offer regarding expanding business and providing various options for the potential consumers. Smart website designers will ensure this functionality by installing that there is the necessary call to action links (CTAs) on the site. These call to actions may be in the form of text saying things like “call now!” or “contact us for a free quote”. These tangible options for the consumer encourage them to make the first step into developing a relationship with your business. If these CTAs are present in the initial pages of the site, users are provided with the option to pursue the service or get more information with efficiency. This marketing tool is vital to the functionality and ROI of efficient web design.

Similarly, the functionality of the site can be related to the overall effectiveness of the site’s primary homepage. Other than being attractive to the market, the homepage should also provide enough information to the users that may entice them to continue reading or request the offered service. This may involve a summary of the purpose of a given company, person or store, how they can help the consumer, and a CTA.

User Experience

Smart website design will also focus on creating the best possible user experience available. Elements that make up the overall beneficial user experience is the ability to navigate all of the different pages of the site with ease. Often, simplicity is the key to creating an appealing, user-friendly site. Smart website design will incorporate a system that is easy to navigate and presents clear links to other parts of the site ensuring that the everyday user can access all of the resources on the website without too much trouble.

Catering to the experience of the user will also involve using simple and industry-specific language in all written sections of the site. This is an aspect an experienced, smart website designer will take into account when producing the copy for all pages on a site. If the information presented on a site is convoluted and difficult to digest, the user can become deterred and search for the information or service they require elsewhere. Therefore by producing copy that is not only informative but easy to read and understand, the overall user experience of visiting an efficiently designed website is enhanced.

Search Engine Optimization

An aspect that separates regular website design, from effective marketing based web design, SEO is vital to an overall strong web presence. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) involves producing web-copy that caters to the most searched phrases and terms relevant to a particular industry. An effective SEO strategy  will place you higher in the search results of a particular industry, organically (without the banner of paid advertising like Google Adwords). This is another component of effective web design, as it involves an element of marketing research that adds another level of functionality to a site outside of aesthetic appeal. Smart website designers will ensure that the copy produced for your website correlates to the keywords and searched inquiries relating to the business’s location and industry, and therefore drive more quality leads to your site when it is operational.

This element of smart web design can only be achieved by an experienced developer who has access to the technology and resources that determine what SEO-based terms best suit a business’s function. So if you are looking for a website designer who can help your search result ranking as well as overhaul your website, ask about their SEO capabilities.


While this is the primary and sole focus of many web designers, we consider it to be a necessity, but not the only aspect of good web design. However it is important, and the look of a website can be seen as the cherry on the sundae that is effective web design. The internet is quite a visual platform, and an experienced web designer covering all areas of development will aim to utilise this to drive traffic and keep users on a site. Using high definition photos and captivating images can engage a consumer.

A web designer with experience will also incorporate a colour scheme that suits your business and image selections. The overall aesthetics of a site will mean the altering of fonts, logos and galleries, to establish an active visual component to your site. The galleries and professional photography on your site are used to showcase a business process, a final solution, or a product you can offer, giving your potential clients or consumers a thorough insight into what exact service is offered.

If you are considering employing a web designer to increase or enhance your online presence, look out for a smart developer – who will ensure that all elements of an effective website are catered for. This will ultimately give you the best possible website for your business.


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