7 things to look for when choosing a website design company

7 things to look for when choosing a website design company

If you are taking the plunge and either enhancing your online presence or converting your business resources to web format, you will be looking for a website design company that ticks all the boxes. If you are doing research looking for this perfect developer, there are certain questions to ask and traits to look for that indicate whether this might be the right avenue for you to go down. The following are seven things we at WebAdelaide think make a great website design company.


In some cases, when you are previewing a company to do your website revamp, you will stumble upon a collection of sorts that showcases other enterprises that have employed the company’s services. If you can’t find these testimonials to their work, it is VITAL you ask for them. If this proposed website design company can provide you with an array of different sites to showcase their calibre of work, you can summarise whether their service is up to the standard you envision and whether their style and layouts suit your idea for a website.

By looking at various examples of previous work completed by the company you will also be able to gauge their reputation and position among competitors based on their range of clients and efficiency.


The number of previous clients shown in the portfolio of the proposed company is a great indicator of the overall experience of the company. Like the screening process you would encounter if you were employing a builder, or an accountant, the amount of time spent in the business means greater problem-solving skills and more industry experience. In the competitive industry of website designing, if a company has many years of expertise in the field (and other fields such as marketing and advertising that aid web development ) you can be assured that if problems do arise, they can be solved efficiently.

The longer a company has been in the industry, the more accustomed they are to various situations and problems, which means that they may not be a stranger to your specific industry. The years of experience contribute to the overall expertise of the company, which you, as a customer, will be the benefactor of.


Although your site may be specific and aimed at a niche target audience, if the website design company has worked in a variety of different industries, you can assure that you are engaging an experienced and informed business. By having aided businesses from all different sectors, the website design company would have developed a system that is applicable to the majority of industries. This versatility also showcases the company’s ability to cater to the specific needs of their client, rather than specialising in industry-specific websites. If the company is well equipped to handle some different digital marketing   techniques, they can also determine multiple options that will benefit your company.


A revered web design company will be able to help you identify realistic and achievable goals for your online marketing strategies. Taking into account what exactly you want to get out of your web presence, an ideal website design company will do everything within their power to ensure this happens.

A design company that has experience in digital marketing techniques   such as SEO and social media marketing will be able to cater your industry and budget to achieve the best possible ROI available for your business. Whether your goals are seeing a significant boost in inquires, or in measurable metrics such as clicks, your contracted website design company should be able to make specific alterations to your website to help you reach this goal.


When you are looking for the right company to work with, it is important to find out how much say you have in the process. A good website design company will allow you to have a strong say in what goes on your website and how it looks. When posting information about your website online, you want to have an ultimate say in how your company is perceived. It is important to ask how much you get to contribute to the process during the initial consultations with the company, as it could be the difference between accurately portraying the company and achieving your goals, or failing to produce an effective web presence.

Ongoing Support

Something that not all website design companies provide is ongoing support. This means that after your brand new website is completed, any issues or changes that need to be dealt with may not be possible. An experienced and resourceful company will be able to provide this support. If you need to edit some of the information on your website based on changes to the business, a company that will do so for you without stress is preferable.

Also, websites require maintenance, and it can be a pain knowing that your new website isn’t functioning as desired. Being able to revert to the company who designed the site for any changes and fixing services is an option you should be seeking.

Offers Multiple Services

Aside from the design of an aesthetically pleasing website, an effective website design company will also be able to offer additional services to do with marketing, advertising and SEO. If you can locate a jack-of-all-trades in the realm of website design, you will able to explore other options that will all contribute to a greater return on investment through expanding business horizons and client bases.

If you are looking for these seven things when you are previewing potential website design companies, and you find someone who ticks all of the above boxes, you can be assured that the service you will receive will be a pleasant and effective one.


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