Why Choose Custom Web Design

Why Choose Custom Web Design

Just like you, your business is one of a kind. Don’t compromise its digital image by confusing your brand with the millions of other businesses using the same site templates.

Although website templates can appear to be uniquely designed, the fact is they’re used by and available to, millions of other business owners. Your website can often be the first point of contact you have with your client. You want to stand out from the crowd, and the way to do that is with a custom built website. Your customers will remember your business for the unique and customised online experience. Here are three key reasons why custom-built websites trump a standard template every time:

Creative Control

So you’re ready to build your website. Perhaps you’ve looked at hundreds of other sites and made a list of preferred features you want on your site. Maybe you’ve drawn up a rough copy of your vision, or you’ve chosen the colour scheme and pictures for your site.

Or maybe you haven’t done any of that! That’s not a problem – part of our job at WebAdelaide  is to assist you with fully realising your creative vision, as well as guide you towards suitable innovative and technical options for your website.

When using a template, you’re usually presented with one of two problems. Either you’ve got too much choice or too little. With hundreds of different fonts, colours, images and sizing options the infinite array of choices can be daunting at times. Equally, some templates offer you insufficient choice, and customisation options leaving your website looking like thousands of others.

By choosing to go with a custom web design, we can help you highlight and compliment your brand’s digital image. Our years of experience, creative knowledge and recommendations aim to work with your unique vision, thus creating a website that is truly exclusive and unforgettable.

Business Credibility

Imagine your number 1 competitor. Now consider visiting their website, looking at the footer of the homepage and seeing “Created with Wix” or “Powered by Squarespace”. What does this say to you about their business? To many, it suggests a lack of creative flair, laziness, and a level of unprofessionalism, as well as hinting towards a poor turnover (“if they can’t afford a custom designed website, they mustn’t be making much money”).

The credibility of your business can be affected when your business begins to grow, and you decide that a website expansion is required. It could be that you choose to add a few new features such as a forum for your customers to connect with you and others or perhaps a blog. Many templates don’t allow you to make this kind of expansion – they can be very set in the services they offer, and you’ll find that to make these changes you’ll have to hire a web developer anyway. Save yourself the time, money and stress by getting in contact with the Web Adelaide team to build you a custom site from the beginning.

Search Engine Optimisation Security

Search Engine Optimisation  can often cause business owners a lot of confusion, worry and stress. Many templates are created to look great but are not necessarily geared towards SEO. We can design you a site that ranks well in search engine rankings and contains the strong keywords and metadata to assist search engines in recognising your site as genuine, useful and informative.

Often when a business owner creates a website using a template, they have to hire an SEO specialist to improve their rankings. At Web Adelaide, we take care of all of that for you! Our web designers take into consideration you SEO needs when we first look at designing your site.

Although the appeal of a seemingly low price of a premade template can be tempting, more often than not you’ll find yourself spending more than you first intended to, especially if you decide to expand as a business. Why not save yourself the worry, stress and hassle and trust an expert like Web Adelaide with your business’ digital image. It’s more affordable than you think, and the benefits of this one off investment will continue long after your website’s launch date.


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