Website Copywriting: How to Write Copy for Skyrocketing SEO Copywriting is a crucial component for

Website Copywriting: How to Write Copy for Skyrocketing SEO Copywriting is a crucial component for

How to Write Copy for Skyrocketing SEO

Copywriting is a crucial component for your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as well as your company. Getting your sites web copy right, can contribute to the growth in your rankings as well as growing your prospective customers.

You’ll soon find that not only are your rankings improving but so are your customer conversion rates. If your copywriting isn’t written with the appropriate attention, you may be losing targeted traffic to your competitors. In order for your site to be effective, it must prove to be authentic and relevant to both your audience as well as search engines such as Google.

Google responds well to high-quality pages. Some of highest ranking websites have a comprehensive amount of rich high-quality content. If your main content is full of grammar, spelling and punctuation errors, Google can view it as a bad user experience, and therefore your site can receive a low rating.

Companies may have website copy that sounds great but isn’t helping them improve their rankings with search engines or help them gain the conversions they need. However, other businesses write copy that is packed with key words, without thinking about its readability.

Understanding how to create content that gets you fantastic online results as well as keeps you consistently ahead of your competitors can be challenging. We’ve listed our tips to teach you how to write copy that not only Google will love, but so will your potential customers.

Here’s How to Write effective SEO copy:

1. Include your most valued keyword in the page/article title.

First impressions count right? So keep in mind that your page title is the first thing your reader and Google see when they look at your webpage. This will help Google identify what’s most important about your business from the very beginning.

2. Use Primary Keywords in Your First Sentence

Be sure to use your primary keywords as early in the sentence as possible. Moving forward, be sure to repeat the keyword several times throughout the page. We recommended that you repeat your key words several times throughout article.

3. Include Keyword Common Alternatives

Using alternatives throughout your webpage content helps search engines authenticate your site, should it rank for that keyword. By doing so, you can also increase the chances of your site ranking for related search terms, broadening your customer reach.

4. Customising your content and keywords to your location

This is an essential step to take throughout the copywriting process if you are a small business that only serves a specific location. For example, you may operate a local Adelaide roofing company, and so you would want to include terms such as ‘Roofing Adelaide’.

5. Mention your other webpages

Including links to your other pages that are relevant to your content will help drive traffic to your site. You can link these pages in keywords that are relevant to the page that it will direct to.

6. Make your content interesting and User-Friendly

Don’t allow yourself to get caught up with the keywords so much that you lose sight of what is going to resonate and attract your intended audience.

When content marketing focuses on the user. As quoted by Google “Focus on the user and the rest will follow”. It comes down to creating unique content that is free from any low-quality signals if you expect to see any sort of traction in Google Search Engine Result Pages.

This article touches briefly on the basics needed to write content that will benefit your company’s search engine optimisation. However, there are so many other factors and search engine optimisation strategies you will need to take into consideration when implementing content on your website.

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