Problems with Emails ?

Generic Email Settings

Email Settings for Brinkster Premium Email accounts
To set up an Email client such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, or Thunderbird, and Mac Mail use the following settings.

Email Address: Account@YourDomain.com
POP3 (Incoming) Server: mymail.brinkster.com
SMTP (Outgoing) Server: mymail.brinkster.com
User Name: Account@YourDomain.com
Password: The password chosen in the Email Manager

Outgoing Mail port: 25
Outgoing mail port: 2525 (Alternative)
If you are unable to send mail after setting up your mail account, try setting your outgoing mail port to 2525

Important Notes:

Brinkster has implemented the mandatory use of Outgoing Server Authentication when sending email.
The options for outgoing mail authentication must be set when sending mail from Brinkster’s shared mail services.

How to use your email

Brinkster Hosted email:
Brinkster Hosted email accounts run in a Zimbra email environment, operated from a cloud based infrastructure, offer advanced spam filtering by Cloudmark, and have All-In-One Attack protection by Radware.

Zimbra provides a license free product for email account operations, Zimbra Desktop. This is purpose built to operate with the Zimbra email environment and has the ability to manage multiple other email services. Due to the technology relationship between the Zimbra Desktop and Brinkster`s Hosted Zimbra email, operation of your email is easier than ever. The Zimbra desktop operates a direct connection between you and the mail server giving you added benefits such as bypassing blocks on port 25 from your ISP, synchronizing your contacts list to your desktop, direct email account configuration and preference management. If you`re away from the desk, Zimbra webmail has the ability to offer you an almost identical look and feel as the Zimbra Desktop. https://webmail.brinkster.com

I'm unable to send email

If you are able to receive mail, but unable to send, the problem is most likely that your ISP is restricting port 25 in an effort to combat spam. Port 25 is the port on your system used to send e-mail, and “ISP” refers to your Internet Service Provider (for example, Comcast, SBC Global, or Cox to name a few).

The resolution to this problem is simple. You will need to change your outgoing server setting to your ISP’s SMTP server:
You can simply change your SMTP port to 2525. This will override the blocked SMTP port (25).

How to change your outgoing mail server to use your ISP:

In your mail client (MS Outlook) replace your “outgoing” mail server (mail.YourDomain.com) with that of your ISP (for example: mail.earthlink.net). If you do not know what your ISP’s outgoing mail server setting is, contact their customer support to request this information.

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