CMS Web Hosting Adelaide

CMS Web Hosting

WebAdelaide Studio provides affordable and reliable web hosting solutions based on WordPress CMS web packages, which allow your company’s website to be self-managed without the need for web design software or web skills. By using a content management system (CMS), you can manage your own web site yourself to keep web costs to a minimum.

Our CMS hosting also includes Search Engine Optimisation features integrated into your website control centre.
Web hosting features include:

Main Features:
Email Essentials:
Server Features:
Web Hosting Fees:

Packages start at just $150.00 per year, including international (.com, .net) domain name registration for one whole year.

Web hosting fees depends on the features you want incorporated into your website.

   Useful to know

Cheap website hosting:
What does it really cost you?

You get what you pay for.

Paying $3 per month for website hosting, is going to get you zero customer service and access to a hosting platform that you share with millions of other websites.

Happy with having your site down for days or even lose your site because one of the other billion websites got hacked through some flaky code? Then go with the $3/month option.

If you want to speak to a real person about your hosting and have a website that performs well (and loads quickly) then be prepared to pay $10-50 a month as a minimum.

Ask yourself a question – does your business rely on a website with maximum uptime?

If you pay between $2 and $4 per month for web hosting, you probably should expect serious regular downtime.

If can lose thousands of dollars of business when your website or email goes down, think about finding a provider who offers a commercial level hosting package with a fair price attached.

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