Why Update Your Web Design

Why Update Your Web Design

Your company website is your company’s virtual headquarters or shopfront; your website should be immaculate, practical and easy to use.

If you’re finding that your site is failing to provide its visitors with reasons to stick around, you’re shortchanging your business and missing out on potential sales. It could be time to give your website an overhaul.

Here are seven reasons why you should update your website design.

It doesn’t reflect your brand

Remember, your website promotes your brand 24/7: No employee will do that. So it’s so important to make sure it is a reflection of your brand. If you’ve rebranded your business, or if your style and atheistic has evolved throughout past years, your website should be your biggest advocate of these changes. Otherwise, you could be sending out the wrong message and attracting the wrong clients.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly

If you haven’t got a mobile-friendly site, do it now! 17% of web traffic is coming from smartphones and with the average Australian spending up to two hours a day web browsing on their smartphone, ignoring the mobile market is risky business. Nowadays it is considered the standard practice to ensure your site is mobile friendly.

You need to be keeping up with the latest trends. A newer theme will include modern CSS code which will allow your site to adapt nicely to any device. They will also allow you to hide certain blocks for mobile, for a faster loading speed and nicer user experience.


Having great content on your website can improve everything from customer retention to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). With continuous changes to the algorithms of search engines, a smart thing to do would be to implement a solid content plan.

Obviously, your website’s first impression is the overall layout, but your reader is visiting your site because they are looking for useful information. By choosing to redesign your site you are also giving yourself the opportunity to re-address how you communicate with your customers. In today’s market you only have between 2-6 seconds to engage with a new client, so you want to be sure that your content is simple, on target and effective.

Your website content should be considered one of the most important things about your site. It helps determine just how effective a website is. Fresh and unique website content is a determining factor in ensuring people revisit your site regularly.


Firstly, let’s look at the basics. You should have a blog. If you don’t have one, get one. Blogs are a powerful marketing tool to drive more traffic and users your way, through the use of keywords (we can take care of this for you, no need to worry), internal and back links.

Secondly, Google   loves fresh content. Every time you make an update to your site, your site ranking gets recalculated.

By keeping your content fresh and updated, you’re increasing your chances of getting noticed. This paired with a fantastic website, you’re guaranteed to get more attention, inquiries and social shares.

Is your website slow?

Aim for your website to load within 5 seconds. Tools such as Pingdom will check how long it takes for your site to load.

A slow loading time can be due to having un-optimised images, underpowered hosting and even an old, poorly performing theme. Our team of qualified web designers can work with you to create a site that works at optimum speeds.

Call to Action

Dated websites often lack effective calls to actions that convert online users into customers. A call-to-action (CTA) is a link or button that is placed on your website to drive prospects to become leads by completing an action on your landing page. These need to be placed strategically, exactly where you’ve managed to get your user’s attention and curiosity for more.

If your current website has a limited amount of CTAs and doesn’t allow for you to make some customisation – it’s time to get something more flexible and powerful for your business growth and sales.

Bounce Rate

Your bounce rate is significant. If you’ve been working hard on your marketing strategy and SEO, bringing in a lot of traffic to your website, but as soon as they access your homepage they bounce right off it – you’ve got yourself a problem. Meaning you’re losing potential clients. A higher bounce rate is an indication that something is being done wrong, either with content, navigation or just the overall look of the website. On average, a bounce rate should be between 40-60%, but this can vary depending on your industry.

If you can identify with one of the above scenarios, don’t go into a panic and dive into a complete re-design. This article is not here to convince you to change just for the sake of changing. A website design is an important and demanding process, which requires a lot of thought, time and effort, but most importantly remind yourself why you’ve got a website in the first place. Your site is the face of your business and should be there as the first liaison between your clients and you.

At WebAdelaide, we put a lot of time, thought and expertise into each one of our website development projects. We want your site to succeed, and we’re here to help and guide you through the process. Get in contact with us today, and we’ll get the ball rolling.


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