Online Databases & Web Based Apps

Online Databases

Building a database into a website brings new functionality and sophistication to your site. Database-driven solutions provide new approaches to effective business information management due to the flexibility of data retrieval, storage and manipulation processes that they provide.

Employing the data structuring and processing advantages that databases grant, WebAdelaide Studio devotes client-server and web-based applications development process to providing our clients with efficient and scalable solutions suiting contemporary business needs. We have solid experience with the following databases: MySQL, MSSQL and MS Access.

One of the biggest advantages of the internet is the ability to access information databases for anyone with a web connection and the required permissions. The possibilities this offers for any business are enormous:

At WebAdelaide Studio, we provide complete front end and back end solutions for designing, implementing and managing your online database needs.

.NET applications: ASP.NET, C#, MS SQL Server

For organisations mainly using the Microsoft Platform, the .NET environment offers the best development speed and highest productivity, making it ideal for the development of web applications and services. We have extensive experience in utilising the .NET platform for building complex, high-performance commercial web applications.

We have developed a sophisticated database solution for ABB Australia – one of the world’s leading engineering company.

This Web-based Condition Monitoring System is designed and developed for monitoring of the ABB electric power equipment network. The system enables to monitor and collect data from any number of sources through the Internet / Intranet.

General functions of the system:

1. A collection of technical information from any workshop and transfer the data into a central database.

2. Possibility to manage the system from any place as easily as within the office.

3. Support and administration staff can access the history of any audited Workshop/Customer to provide immediate information when responding to support requests.

4. Identify trends in equipment performance, to justify technology improvement.

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