Online Booking System Features

Online Booking System Features

Online Appointment Scheduling System FOROS operates as an automatic online reception desk for your service. Following the link from your web page, visitors are directed to the section where they can place an appointment request in less than a minute. In this area, they may monitor appointment status as well as request and receive confirmation and reminder SMSs.

At the same time, you and your authorised personnel have access to your customer’s appointment requests on the web site, where all your service schedules, business information and pending appointments are neatly and securely organised. All appointment requests come with customer contact information and specific details you requested on service appointment form.

The Appointment Scheduling Software FOROS is available as a hosted solution. Server Enterprise versions are available by your request.

General Features Include

This appointment booking software system can be configured to satisfy a variety of other requirements and solution needs within your business or organisation.

Client's Module

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Main client window
Service type selection window
Time selection window

Administration Module

Main window
Point-of-Sale (Control panel)
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